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The Woodthorpe Way

Woodthorpe School is a private school registered in 2003 (Registration No. 472), administered by the Canning Education Trust . This is a Charitable Trust established to co-ordinate and manage a number of regional educational facilities, some of which have been operating since 1994. .

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News Letters

Keep up-to-date with whats happening at Woodthorpe. Our fun, interactive newsletter's are easy to read and a great way to learn what our students are doing.

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Woodthorpe Charity

Through a wide range of fundraising activities, we advance rescue services, science, technology and the humanities in Australia. Those benefiting include students, educators, researchers, scientists, technologists and the general public.

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Tech at Woodthorpe

The use of up-to-date video conferencing equipment for campus-to-campus communication and specialist subject teaching was introduced in 2011 and has been a great success in broadening the subject range for senior students as well as in making best use of our human and material resources nationwide

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  • What our teachers are saying: Excellent facilities provided for teaching and with highly committed kids to teach - K.L.
  • What our teachers are saying: Oh my goodness we are so fortunate with our facilities. - J.C.
  • What our teachers are saying: Huge opportunity for collaboration with colleagues from all around New Zealand. - J.G.
  • What our teachers are saying: Amazing inspirational, motivated and creative team to be a part of! - S.P.